Comprehensive Eye Exams with Dr. Ann Higgins, an independent Doctor of Optometry, are available by appointment. Routine eye exams are essential to maintaining good eye health. During your eye exam a licensed optometrist will discuss any symptoms or issues you have been experiencing as well as your overall health, review any medications you are currently taking, and learn more about your individual needs.

The American Optometric Association recommends bi-annual exams for asymptomatic/low-risk adults ages 18 through 64 and annually for asymptomatic/low risk adults age 65 or older. Eye exams at least annually, or more frequently as recommended by your healthcare provider, are recommended for at risk adult individuals.

Per the AOA (American Optometric Association, 2020) adult patients at risk include:

· A personal or family history of ocular disease
· Belonging to certain racial and ethnic groups
· Systemic health conditions with potential ocular manifestations
· Occupations that are highly demanding visually or have a high potential of being hazardous to the eyes
· Taking prescription or nonprescription drugs with ocular side effects
· Having functional vision in only one eye
· Wearing contact lenses
· Eye surgery or previous eye injury
· High or progressive refractive error
· Other eye-related health concerns or conditions

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